Why Verification?

Why background veification checks?

  • Imagine your Data Access Executive with a charge of theft or job abandonment.
  • Imagine a Client Relationship Manager with a previous sexual harassment charge history servicing your clients.
  • Imagine your Head of Strategy putting away resources to start his own consultancy or the Chartered Accountant authenticating your tax certificates with a fake qualification.
  • Add the outsourcing trend to the equation and the risk factor escalates rapidly – it is about your employees AND those working for your outsourcing vendor as well.

Recognize them

  • Free loaders and nomads – people who walk in and out of organizations – take training and hiring investments to the dump. Your investments are tied to people who can't make up their minds
  • Serial offenders – people who have a track record of information mismanagement – since your employees are your organizations' information warehouses, your credibility rests significantly on them
  • Risk mitigation through comprehensive employee verifications is no longer an indulgence but a necessity. Evaluationz services cover all the areas of corporate deception… and more.

Value business proposition through effective risk management

Add high attrition rates, malicious and accidental distortion of information, loss of credibility and you will
know you need to talk to us.

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