mKom is among the first mobile applications in the verification industry to do site verification. It removes ambiguity associated with field verification by building in transparency and proof of physical visit. It can be customized to each client’s requirement and yet offer a guided process to the field verification agent. COMPLEX REQUIREMENTS OF CLIENTS MANAGED SIMPLY. It works on 3G technology and is upgradable. It also captures location presence of the verification process based on LAT-LONG Technology. It is compatible with KOMPASS.

Get in touch is India’s 1st Verification portal and addresses the verification needs of individuals like you and me. Whether in matrimony, realty, tenancy or otherwise, this portal addresses the retail segment of individual customers in India and outside, who need to verify facts and records for personal reasons.

Since 2009 it has been positioned as India’s first verification portal and it is the first verification portal in India to address the B2C sector. It addresses matrimonial verification, tenancy verification and others, there by mitigating risks related to personal decisions. The name ‘TOTAL – VISHWAS’ was coined with the aim to address the young adults as well as the parents. It appeals and is relevant to all the geographical regions of India. A unique feature of ‘VISHWAS Mitra’ is that it triggers sales through middlemen. It also currently has a built-in payment gateway.

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Evaluationz Direct

Evaluationz Direct is a data integration and management platform assisting organizations and educational institutions share records of their past employees and students under secure conditions.

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Add high attrition rates, malicious and accidental distortion of information, loss of credibility and you will
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