Evaluationz Advantage

Evaluationz, with efficient processes and robust quality check measures, controls business risks through comprehensive employee/customer verifications and assessments.

Recognizing Evaluationz as an industry leader, organizations in India trust our customized and proprietary background screening solutions.

As a strategic partner with clients in a wide range of industries, we exceed expectations by offering an array of innovative and cutting-edge background check services to meet the needs of human resource, loss-prevention, and security/legal professionals in employment screening, vendor certification and fraud prevention.

Evaluationz brings several advantages on board:

Process Centric Approach

Key to any Evaluationz assignment is our quality integrated and process-driven approach. This, along with our proprietary software capabilities and internal/3rd Party audit functions, are key differentiators that add value to our clients verification needs. The ability for our client to conduct an ‘online-anytime’ audit is a first of its kind solution in India.


Evaluationz functions with an uncompromising code of ethics, ‘values and personal commitment’; supported by an equal emphasis on ‘knowledge’ and ‘professional skills and abilities’. We ensure that all this translates into a high level of ‘professional action’ at all times.


The Evaluationz application provides clients with a login option to directly upload resumes for verification, check status and reports filed at every stage as well as view their sub-clients online. This access to the application is provided from day one. We believe in transparency and our level of work is so high that we expect our clients to do an ‘Online-Anytime Audit’ even without co-ordinating the same with us. We wish to remain prepared at all times.


Our vision is to establish Points of Verification (POV) across every city, district and town in India and so far we have already put to work more than 100 POV. With this network poised to expand exponentially, you can be sure we have got India well mapped.

Global Partnerships

Organizations of global and local repute partner with Evaluationz to bring in global capability. All organizations partnering with our firm meet global standards of verification and ensure high level of efficiency and accuracy in verification.

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