Code of Ethics

At Evaluationz, we take work ethics seriously. Our code of ethics is writ in stone – it is both the guiding principle and the foundation upon which every aspect of work is based. The key beliefs that frame this code of ethics are uncompromising integrity and a consistent respect for people as we walk towards complete market leadership.

Our ‘Professional Action’ is a product of our ‘Values & Personal Commitment’; our ‘Knowledge & Understanding’ and our ‘Skills and Abilities’.

What you see in us and our work is a symbiotic integration of the 3 critical attributes that beautifully adds up to a ‘Professional Action’ that is unparalleled in the industry.

And because we take ethics seriously, we know that this responsibility operates at several levels:

With Client Organizations

Our primary responsibilities are

  • to ensure quality of deliverables
  • to foster enduring relationships
  • to maintain confidentiality at all times
  • to cultivate and implement ethical business practices

With Employees and Shareholders

We strive

  • to maintain value driven growth
  • to respect individuality within the organization and outside
  • to promote learning and development

With Business Partners

Our responsibilities lie in

  • building mutually winning relationships
  • developing and furthering a shared vision

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