We aim to diminish risk in business and social life. In order to achieve this, we at Evaluationz, strive to provide information on records through high quality verification and assessment services as required by the client, keeping efficiency, accuracy and speed as the cornerstone.

Our quality processes, dedicated manpower and continuous improvement of the same makes Evaluationz meet global standards of verification and surpass client’s expectations.

Evaluationz has been built around people, business philiosophies and strategies to help evaluate and diminish risk for clients. Among the pioneering verification companies in India, Evaluationz focuses on setting benchmarks and raising the bar each time, thereby providing leadership.

While India is at the cusp of verification trends, our firm focuses on providing simple solutions in a highly unorganized and complex market. We are a knowledge-based company providing value-added management solutions that help diminish business risks. Our drive towards professionalism and excellence as well as secure and tamper-proof processes makes us one of the few specialized verifications and assessments companies in India.

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